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Note: If you don't find your answer here, read the complete Domain FAQ, or contact the domain support team.

Why can't I log into my Domain Registration acount?
We resell domains through Dotster, a partnered registrar.

This is why the login infos for your domain name are separate from any Yellowpipe accounts logins.

Manage Your Domains
Log into your Yellowpipe Domains account to manage your domains, including name servers, renewals, and contact info.
Your login may be different than your main Yellowpipe Account.

What are Name Servers?
A name server is a computer that has the capability to translate, or resolve, the domain names we see and use in our browser windows into IP numbers. Computers read Internet addresses through a series of numbers called Internet Protocol (IP) numbers. Because these numbers would be difficult for people to remember, user-friendly Internet addresses were developed using combinations of words and numbers. Name servers are what interpret the URLs into IP addresses. The IP addresses of the name servers have to be registered at the NSI Registry so that every name server can be assigned a unique IP address. To configure the Nameservers for your Yellowpipe Hosting account see this faq.

How do I transfer my domain from my current registrar to you?
Click here to transfer your domains
If you have domains that you bought through other registrars, you can transfer them to this system. Note: This step is not required for hosting your website at Yellowpipe.

Complete domain name FAQ
Browse the complete FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about your domain name. If you haven't found your answer here, Contact the domain name support team.


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