Yellowpipe Web Hosting

Yellowpipe Web Hosting in Seattle

Yellowpipe provides complete Web hosting
with everything for small and mid-size business.

Extras & Add-Ons:

Features and extras you can add to your existing hosting account

Service Price How to Add
Subdomains Free Read this faq...
Virus Detection Free Included
Yellowpipe Control Panel Free Included
Email & Forwarding tools Free Control Panel Tool
Email Auto-Responder Free Control Panel Tool
Shell Access Free Included
Spam Filtering Free Control Panel Tool
Folder Password Protection Free Control Panel Tool
Blog (sBlog) Free Request Service
PayPal Button Factory Free Here
Custom 404 error Redirect Free Request Service
Restore from Daily Backup $20 per incident Request Service
Back-up CD of your site $49 Request Service
Bandwidth overage $0.02/mo per MB Automatic
Disk space overage $0.25/mo per MB Automatic
Domain name registration 1yr $16.00/yr Domain pages
Domain Aliases $1/mo per alias Request Service
Extra Disk Space in 100MB blocks $10/mo Request Service
Extra Disk Space in 1GB blocks $70/mo Request Service
Extra e-mailboxes $1/mo per mailbox Control Panel Tool
SSL using Yellowpipe's shared certificate
$10/mo Request Service
SSL for your domain
$79 set up, $10/mo
Request Service



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