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Disk space
Number of web pages supported
web pages
web pages
web pages
web pages
Data transfer
Number of visitors supported/mo.
10,000–80,000 visitors/mo.
10,000–240,000 visitors/mo.
10,000–480,000 visitors/mo.
10,000–1 million visitors/mo.

Business email addresses

5 50 100 Unlimited
MySQL database 1 5 10 Unlimited
Domain alias 1 3 5 50
Support for third-party design tools
(like Dreamweaver, Flash and Golive)*
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced scripting and database tools (like PHP, Perl, Python and CGI) Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 email support Yes Yes Yes Yes
User-friendly control panel Yes Yes Yes Yes

Virus and Spam filtering

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily traffic reports Yes Yes Yes Yes

 Detailed Technical Comparison

Domain name  
Web site subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Domain alias 1 3 5 50  
Design and Scripting Tools  
PHP version 4.3.10 and PHP 5 and support for hundreds of PHP functions Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Perl version 5.6.1 and support for 2809 modules installed Yes Yes Yes Yes  
MySQL 4.1.11 databases and support for InnoDB tables 1 5 10 Unlimited  
Support for third-party design tools
(like Dreamweaver, Flash and Golive)*
Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Support for multimedia tools (like Flash, Shockwave, audio, and video) Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Consistently delivered 99.9% uptime ** Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Automatic daily backup of your web site Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Redundant links to Internet backbones Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Redhat and Debian operating systems Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Apache servers Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Folder password protection Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Shared SSL certificates and encryption Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled  
Privacy Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Customer Support  
24/7 email support Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Online help center Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Getting Started guides and tutorials Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Blog Hosting  
Installation of WordPress Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Business email addresses 5 50 100 Unlimited  
Email attachment size 10MB 10MB 10MB 10MB  
Auto-responder Yes Yes Yes Yes  
POP and SMTP email access Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Web-based email access Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Spam filtering Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Virus detection Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Catch-all default mailbox Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Management of multiple email accounts from one inbox Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Site Statistics  
Detailed site statistics Yes Yes Yes Yes  
- Number of visitors by web page Yes Yes Yes Yes  
- Search engines used to find your site Yes Yes Yes Yes  
- Keywords used to find your site Yes Yes Yes Yes  
- Web site from which your visitors came Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Downloadable access logs Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Web Site Enhancements  
PayPal buttons Yes Yes Yes Yes  

*Third-party tools such as Macromedia® Dreamweaver®, Macromedia® Flash®, Adobe® GoLive® must be purchased separately. Nvu is a free alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux.
**Based on internal and external monitoring. Does not include downtime for scheduled maintenance.


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 Disk space
Disk space is space you rent on the Internet to store all your web site's content.
This is the amount of data that you can store on our web servers. For average websites, 600 MB allows for the storage of over 3,000 distinct web pages & images. That's more than enough for most websites. Each of our plans has varying amounts of disk space.
 Data transfer
When a visitor views your site, all the text, pictures, and other files that make up your web pages are transferred to your visitors' computer. Data transfer is a measure of the total amount of information your visitors view each month.
Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted from your website to your visitors. For average web pages, 1 Gigabyte allows for over 35,000 page views each month, which is more than enough for most websites.
Data transfer beyond the amount included with your hosting plan is billed at 2 cents per megabyte.
 Email address
An online address you can use to send and receive email, such as Yellowpipe mailboxes comes with advanced virus and spam protection, and the ability to access email using applications like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.
 Database tools
Database tools like MySQL can be used to enhance your site by generating personalized content for returning web site visitors based on profiles stored in your database.
Computer languages, like Perl and PHP, that can be used to make a web site more personalized and interactive.
 Control panel
An online management interface where Yellowpipe users can acccess all the tools and help resources they need to build and maintain their sites.
For example, users can access site statistics, files, backups, email, and more from the Yellowpipe Web Hosting Control Panel.
Here are just a few features:

 Daily traffic reports
These statistics detail how much web traffic you have and where it's coming from, with detailed breakdowns.
Analyze your site traffic with graphs and charts and reports produced by Webalizer. Every plan comes with Webalizer's site statistics viewer as a standard feature. This feature is accessed via your Control Panel.
A subdomain is a specific address you create *under* your domain. An easy way to create memorable web addresses for differents areas of your site. For instance, Yellowpipe uses subdomains such as and for its services.
If you have registered multiple domain names we can point them all to the same website.
PHP is a scripting language that advanced users can use to send information to and from a database. PHP can also be embedded easily into HTML, making it a popular choice for web developers who want to create dynamic web pages. We support PHP4 and PHP5 and hundreds of PHP functions.
A popular open-source database. You can use MySQL with PHP to enhance your site by generating personalized content or by storing you visitors' profile/account in your database.
Measures the percentage of time that your web site is available to visitors. Our server uptime has consistently been over 99% allowing us to provide you with a super-reliable and professional hosting service.
 Daily Backup
We make daily backups of your website files and database data. This feature records all the changes you've made to your web site so you can easily restore your files from saved backups if you make a mistake.
 Multiple Network Connectivity
Yellowpipe connects your web site to to the internet backbone via multiple circuits, so that if one should suffer a problem, your site will still be available.
 Operating System
The software that runs applications on a computer. Apple OS X and Windows XP are two popular examples for personal computers. Yellowpipe Web Hosting uses RedHat or Debian Linux with 2.4 series kernels as the operating system for its web servers.
A computer that stores and display your website on the Internet. When you create a web site with Yellowpipe Web Hosting, you must put your web site files on one of our servers to make it accessible on the Internet.
Apache Server is an open source web server for Unix-like systems. Apache is the most popular web server in use.
 Password protection
Limit access to all or part of your web site to protect sensitive content. Access the tool from your control panel to create an unlimited number of secure areas on your site.
 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Encrypts all sensitive data between your web site and your visitors' computer. This security feature provides you with non-forgeable proof of your website's identity, and customer confidence in the integrity and security of your online business.
Yellowpipe hosting clients that want the benefits of SSL can either use Yellowpipe's secure certificate or purchase their own.
We do not sell or give out your information. We will not open our doors to anyone who wants to investigate you or your visitors, and we are a 100% anti-spam web host.
A very popular blog publishing system. Yellowpipe Web Hosting installs WordPress software for free on your request.
 Email address
An online address you can use to send and receive email, such as Yellowpipe mailboxes comes with advanced virus and spam protection, and the ability to access email using applications like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.
 Auto responder
The ability set up an automatic reply sent to people who email you while you're on vacation.
 POP and SMTP email access
The ability to send and receive email using email applications, like using applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook. POP is the protocol used to retrieve email from a mail server ans SMTP is th eprotocol used for sennding emails over the Internet.
 Spam Filtering
Filtering out bulk mail messages (Spam). At Yellowpipe incoming mail is scanned for viruses before it even touches your mailbox, drastically reducing the amount of unwanted emails.
 Virus Detection
Virus protection is included with all hosting acounts to help protect your computer from infection or security threats.
 Catch-all mailbox
Re-directs misaddressed email messages to an email account that you specify, so you don't miss out on important communications. For example, email accidentally sent to can be automatically directed to your catch-all mailbox at
 Multiple email accounts
Manage multiple email accounts in one inbox. For example, instead of accessing three different email accounts separately, you could send and receive the email for,, and from the inbox for
 Access logs
Contains recorded information about your site visitors: number of visitors, where they came from, which browser they used, and more. This data can be easily translated to graphics by any log-analysis tool.
PayPal is a payment system that allows you to sell individual products or accept donations on your web site. Automatically reate PayPal buttons for your site: You can create shopping cart buttons, purchase buttons, donation buttons and more.