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Animated gifs, when used moderately, can sometimes help to enhance your site, and to add a more energy to your site
However, you should use them carefully as the blinking effect can be very tiring for the eyes. Try to use your gif image to illustrate a subject or to ease the navigation on your site rather than for decorative purpose. And remember that a good quality content is worth all the animated gifs.

• Miscellaneous animated gifs. Here you can download a zip file (1.17 MB) containing 193 free animated gifs of all kind.
Just click here to download 193 Free Animated Gifs.


Animated Gif Tools


  • Here are some tools and software to create your animated gifs
  • Flex GIF Animator
    Download the trial version from

    Ulead Gif Animator
    Download the trial version from

    Download animated gifs tools (freeware and shareware) here: Image Animation Tools


  • Learn more about animated gifs here:

  • ABOUT.COM ~ Links

    GIFs - Animated GIFs, Transparent GIFs, Interlaced GIFs
    ~ Articles and resources

    Comparing programs for GIF Animation

    ~ Size and quality tests comparingGIF Construction Set vs Online Gif Tools vs WebPainter 2.0 vs Corel Photo-Paint 7 vs GIF Movie Gear.

    Optimizing Animated GIFs
    ~ Article and related links


  • Download animated gifs here:

  • ~ A good collection



    Ask us any question about animated gifs

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